April 17, 1999 Next.
Got a surprise at the Orlando Airport where I was departing for Reno. Mom, Dad, Jim and Christian came to see me off. Of course, it turned into a longer ordeal for them and me than they expected. I purchased a special First Class fare off the internet. That’s how I decided on Reno because that was where the one way fare special took you. After an hour delay they started boarding. That’s when I find out I am still in coach. I had a low seat number so I did not question it sooner. I called the travel agency and they discovered the mistake and corrected it, but not in time for this flight. So I rescheduled for 6AM the next day. I stayed in Orlando for the night and they got to go home, two hours later than they planned. Oh well, it was a nice additional visit anyway.
Below is a late afternoon photo of Lake Tahoe near the lodge where I am staying. I'm in the back of the complex, this is in front
The last photo is a view from my second floor studio. That’s the cable I take to get to the ski lifts. The base is at 6,200’ and the cable car takes you to 8200’.