March 27, 1999 Next.
Headed for Amtrak 8:15AM. Wanted to get a good picture of the train as it came in, but I was not sure if it would even turn out. For some reason he came into the station too fast and overshot the station by 3 car lengths.
Next is the big outlet mall I wanted to visit before leaving. Do this at least count as window shopping? Doesn’t it look nice? I just did not have enough time, but I’ll be back again. I just past a soccer field outside Richmond and I saw the teal team score a goal against the team in white. What timing! (There is no picture.) We made it to Alexandria, one stop from DC, right on time, but we are stuck here. They are having mechanical problems with a switch just outside of Alexandria. We have to sit here until they get it fixed. I think I’ll take a couple of pictures. There is my car. The tall building is The George Washington Masonic National Memorial. Good thing I have a 3 hour layover in DC. We are on the move again after a 2 hour delay. Arrived in DC an hour before the connecting train to Pittsburgh departs.