March 24, 1999 Next.
Heading for Norfolk to visit Mitch Brooks with Trader Publishing Company. I had no problems at all finding the office because I had a great navigator. It was an easy uneventful trip. They are in a neat 7 story old building downtown 1 block from the water. All the windows open so you can have fresh air on any floor, an impossibility now because of city codes. There is also a good old fashioned mail chute that drops through all 7 floors. They are currently remodeling the building. It is going to be very nice when completed. I was able to get a picture of a cruise ship on the bay before it went out of sight behind another building.
Conrad Hall, President of Trader Publishing, and Mitch gave me a little tour around Norfolk. Conrad wanted to take me on the Navy Base, but we ran late and did not make it. I told him I’d return later to spend more time and see how the remodel turned out. I did get to see the oldest brick house in existence today in the US. I forget the name, but I did get pictures.
Okay, for the record, I made this trip yesterday, the 23rd, and Jamestown today. I did not feel like changing all the files’ dates…so deal with it.
Make a left at the next light. NOOOOOOO, your other left! Geez! Now I know why Shari sent me, you need help. You owe me Shari! It's RED! ?*@*#$?*#!@# Hail Mary full of grace…………