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This is the original Jamestown site. In the first 18 years, 6000 colonists lost their lives, only 1 out of 6 survived. Amazing that the settlement itself was able to survive. One contributing factor that we now know of from reading the rings of old trees was that during much of this period, this area was suffering the worst drought in more than 600 years. That may also explain why the Indians, at times, seemed to not want to share their corn when it appeared to the settlers the Indians had plenty. They knew that they were in a drought and were not sure from year to year how their crop would do. The river water was not usable because it is brackish water, too much salt content. In fact many settlers died from salt poisoning.
If you look closely, there is an Edward Harrington. Also a Herman Harrison.
The Old Church Tower is the only 17th century structure still standing at Jamestown. The Tower was an addition to the brick church built in 1639.In 1907 a memorial brick church was built over the foundations of the 1639 brick church and the original 1617 frame church. You could see some of the original foundations.
We are visiting inside the church.
This structure is protecting an excavation site. You can watch archaeologists search for more remains of the original 1607 James Fort and the earliest Jamestown settlement. Next.