March 17, 1999 Next.
Went out to the Prime Rib House for dinner last night. It was my kind of place. First of all, instead of having to decide the kind of soup you wanted, they had a soup sampler. Some of you know for years I’ve been saying that the Soup Plantation should offer smaller bowls for sampling soups. Well, I found a restaurant that does. Good soups, too. Black Bean soup (tasted like a spicy chili, no meat), Cheddar Cheese soup and New England Clam Chowder. Ordered the salad with Honey Dijon salad dressing. MMMMMMMM, plenty of spicy Dijon. Finally, when I ordered the Prime Rib, I asked for straight horseradish instead of the cream based. The waiter said, "Sure, that’s how we serve it anyway! What a restaurant!

Today I took a different path to Colonial Williamsburg. The weather was lovely. Close to 70 and hardly a cloud in the sky. Walked past the College of William and Mary, a very beautiful campus. This was the first time I had seen anyone jogging. All women, well, more like girls. One thing I noticed was that they were all individuals. Out of about 25 joggers, I only saw one pair. The rest were running on their own. Okay, so I may miss the Penguin runs a little bit.

Toured through some buildings this time. Saw the church that has been in service continuously since 1715. Same old stuff, they asked for a donation. It was the official church of the colony, the Church of England. All men had to attend at least once per month or they were fined. You were not allowed to practice the Roman Catholic religion in Virginia. You had to go this church or pay the fine.

The Courthouse was interesting. You could not be a Roman Catholic and serve on the jury. They reenacted 3 trials from the late 1700’s. They asked for visitors to participate. One of the punishments for the guilty was they were put into the watchamacallit (head and wrists through holes) for two weeks. There is more. The first week they nailed one of your ears to the device. After one week, they either slit your ear or cut it completely off then nailed your other ear for the second week. Yes, they did the same thing to your second ear.

Took a break before heading home. Finished my second book and am now working on my third one. Boy this is rough.

Remeber this baseball/soccer field? Looks a lot different today, dosen't it?
Interior of the Bruton Parish Church.
Ministers podium. Designed so the ministers voice was amplified for all the congregation to hear.
Interior of the Magazine, the weapons and gun powder storage building. All these weapons are authentic, not replicas. Hence they are behind glass. Next.