March 14, 1999

Happy Birthday Brent!

Went for a run this morning. Did not see ONE of you Penguins out there. I guess I forgot to tell you where I was going to meet you. I suppose you just went to the Eggery. Don’t be slacking off now that I am not around.

Later in the day I walked down to Colonial Williamsburg, in the rain. Did not go into any of the exhibits or museums. Just wandered around for awhile. I’ll return to do more. I did stop for lunch at Chowning’s Tavern. I had Welsh Rarebit (kind of Cheddar cheese soup) and Brunswick Stew (beef stew made with chicken?). The original tavern opened in October 1766. This one opened 50 years ago. They thought they reconstructed it on the original site, but now they know that a store and dwelling were on this site. Chowning’s was located somewhere nearby. Shield's Tavern is another place I'm going to try for lunch or dinner. There are several neat places that are recommended. I’ll hit them all and then some. The excavation you see below is on a structure from the late 1700’s. There was a house built over it in 1891. They moved that house in 1995 so they could do this excavation to gather more information on how the colonists lived. The house with me in front belonged to George Wythe. He was the first Virginian to sign the Declaration of Independence. George Washington also stayed at his house while Yorktown was under siege. Started to get pretty cold, so I returned in time for a free happy hour warm up. I’m pretty warm!! Next