March 12, 1999
That was a rough ride last night. I think it’s an older track system. During breakfast the guest were commenting on the roughness and noise. Got to see some cool icycles in the Pittsburgh station. The morning brought some very nice scenery, past several quaint towns. We have been traveling along a river since leaving Pittsburgh, mostly in a valley, 4 hours now. Did not even realize or care that we were running over an hour late. That’s one nice thing about having no time restraints. I was heading to Williamsburg and as long as I arrive that is all I care about. The train personnel were much friendlier LA to Chicago, than Chicago to Williamsburg. Maybe it’s all the bad weather back east. I was able to get online again for a little bit in the DC train station. I like these lounges they have. Got into Williamsburg 9PM and was in my room by 9:30PM. Nice hotel, exercise room, indoor pool and of course free breakfast in the morning and cocktails in the evening. I’ll be here for about ten days and then on to DC for a few days. Tomorrow I’ll do laundry and watch US vs Mexico. Next Page.