March 11, 1999
Finished the book at 1:45AM. Of course, I slept through our 45 minute stay in Kansas City at 7:30AM. I did make it to breakfast. Saw my first snow coming into Fort Madison, Iowa, on the Mississippi River. No clouds in the sky, crystal clear air and beautiful fields of undisturbed snow. Very scenic. Past through Carl Sandburg’s hometown, Galesburg, IL, around 12:30PM. We’ll arrive in Chicago 4PM and I have 4 hours until the train for Williamsburg. I was able to get on e-mail at the train station. In the Metroliner Lounge (fancy name for waiting room) they had a couple of places set up where you could plug in your modem and get online. Free refreshments were also available. Got back on the train 8PM to continue my trip East. I planned on getting a picture of the Chicago skyline, but I did not get an opportunity. Too many obstructions when we pulled out and then we turned and it was behind us. Oh well, you have all seen pictures of Chicago before, right? I have a much smaller room this time. Two facing chairs that fold out to make a single bed. Leaves a 12" x 36" space to stand up, if I want to. There is also an upper bunk. I’m thinking about folding out the upper bunk and leaving the chairs in place. On to the 4th train day.