March 10, 1999
Well the first night on the train was pretty restless. I missed seeing Flagstaff. When we stopped I finally felt like sleeping. Breakfast ran late enough so I had a good one, eggs, bacon and grits. Hard to ruin bacon and eggs. We got into Albuquerque early so I got off the train and walked around for an hour. Not too much to see, but it felt good to go for a walk. Andrea, I saw a Wesley Child Care. Is it national? Got back on the train and did some more reading. I am half way through a good book, Dean Koontz’s Seize the Night. I’ll finish it by the time I get to Chicago. Had a gardenburger for lunch, watched some scenery (there is a lot of vacant land out here), took a nap and now typing this. I have dinner reservations for 6:45PM. It is 5:45PM so I had better get ready. 5:47PM, I’m ready. Since this was dinner, I thought I’d better wear shoes instead of sandals. Don’t know if I can handle all this responsibility! I may try to watch the movie tonight, depending on what’s playing…on the screen and off. Gee, did I say Mike is a really nice guy? Had a good steak dinner tonight. I decided to come back to my room and read. Another day is coming.