My train attendant, Mike, seems very nice. He explained all the workings of the sleeper car. I still had time for dinner, it was 8:20PM. The mashed potatoes were good. They said the other stuff was turkey. I splurged and went for a chocolate Sunday for dessert. There was a movie playing in the next car, The Mask of Zorro. I tried to watch it but between the guy playing the harmonica and the overhead announcements, it was pretty useless. One guy pulls his sword to challenge Zorro. Zorro says "Next stop San Bernardino". Then there is a group scene at a party. The train attendant announces, "Please help us keep the train clean and comfortable for all our passengers by properly disposing of your trash". Then you hear all this laughter from the movie. Just could not get into it so I went back to my room. Breakfast is from 6:30 to 8:30, Mountain time. I may just miss it. Mike seems rrreeeaaallllly nice. He’s been in here three times tonight. Think I’ll lock my door when I turn in. (Scroll down to see more pictures) See you later.