March 9, 1999

Here we go. Finally on my way to Williamsburg. But first a little story before I start The Ride.

I missed my original departure date so I decided to spend a few days near the Fullerton Amtrak Station until the next available date. Did mostly nothing. Sat around, lied around, went shopping, saw a movie, used the treadmill, read, played on the computer, ate, ate and ate.

About 6PM of the night I was heading for the train I decided to walk to a Kinko’s from the hotel, about a mile, to do one more e-mail session. They told me it was 20¢ per minute. I got there and they could not tell me how to check my e-mail. I convinced them to let me remove one of their ethernet cables and plug it into my PowerBook so I was able to get online. Spent about 40 minutes on line and got a bill for $16. I said I thought it was 20¢ per minute. He said that was for an IBM. It was .40¢ for a Mac. Then he said that since I was just checking e-mail, tell the cashier that it was okay for it to be .20¢. I did, he went and checked with the clerk and came back and said $4. I said are you sure. He yes. It was to be half off the $24 per hour charge, which is $12 per hour. I gave up and said okay. How he got $4 from half of $16, I’ll never know. Now, on to the train.