Friday, August 6th

The three rocks jutting up from the canyon floor are known as the "Three Sisters." The Legend of the Three Sisters is as follows. There were three exceptionally beautiful Aboriginal maidens who lived with their father, who was the Witchdoctor of the Katoomba tribe. The maidens were madly in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe. Unfortunately, ancestral laws forbid the maidens from marrying anyone outside their own tribe. This did not stop the three brothers from trying to claim the sisters and, if necessary, take them by force. The three brothers, with other warriors from the Nepean tribe declared war on the Katoomba tribe. As the fighting progressed, the Katoomba tribe saw they were losing ground. To prevent the girls being spirited away, the Witchdoctor decided to take his three beautiful daughters up to the cliff edge and with a magic spell turned them into stone for their own protection. The idea being that when the battle was over, and Katoomba had won, he would return and release them from the spell. However, he returned to the battle and was killed and to this day no one has been able to work out how to release them from the spell and change the three beautiful sisters back into Aboriginal maidens.

From left to right (as if you could not tell), David, Carol, Cindy and Debi.